Personalized 1-on-1 (Private) Swim Stroke Video Analysis

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Want to know how YOU can move through the water faster and more efficiently?! See for yourself!

Offering a limited time, one-hour personal session that will cover the following:

This is a one-on-one encounter and not intended as a group clinic. Fill out the online form below and specify which day from 6:00 am onwards and I will confirm pool availability.

Location: JCC pool, westend Ottawa (Carling/Queensway area) or City pool (based on availability)
Dates: Variable, state preferred day and time
Prerequisite skill level: minimum of 400 metres of continuous front crawl. Intended for intermediate to advanced level swimmers. Not for novice or learn to swim skills.
Duration of session : One (1) hour plus digital video and swim report card sent after the session
Register: Visit our web site and click the link at the top
Cost: $130 (13% HST included)

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Please show up on time and ready to go as your one-hour is blocked off and another session may follow.

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