Masters Sunday Morning Drop-in Online Registration
Please fill out the following form to register for drop-in sessions Sundays 9:45-11:15 am drop-in at Carleton University Pool (Sept 17, 2017-May 27, 2018).
Note: Sundays cancelled during Christmas holidays, March Break, and Apr 2018 for three weeks TBA for maintenance (availability to swim at JCC early Sun am during this time).

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We have two payment options as follows:

NOTE: The fee does not include Masters Swim Ontario registration required for Masters swim competitions. You can purchase separartely by paying $35 at

Option 1. One-time credit card payment of $235 + HST 13% ($265.55 total) *Includes 3rd party insurance but not MSO registration necessary for competing at swim meets.
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Option 2. Post-dated cheque for $270 (HST incl.) dated Sept. 15 and payable to Anzai! Inc. You must mail to 963 Killeen Avenue, Ottawa ON K2A 2Y1 within 72 hours in order to finalize and secure your registration request. Do not give to the coach on deck. There will be a $20 NSF charge should it be applied*Includes 3rd party insurance but not MSO registration necessary for competing at swim meets.
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The purpose of this document is to preclude any claim arising out of my participation in the activities of (Anzai! Inc.).
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• I confirm that I am aware that swimming is a sport, which involves risk, including significant cardiovascular demands.
• I confirm that I am physically fit and able to participate in swimming at a Masters level and am not aware of nor have I been advised of any physical limitations to my participation.
• I agree that I will not make any claim for loss, damage, injury or expense, including any claim based on negligence or breach of contract, against (Anzai! Inc.), its members, executive members, volunteers, trainers, coaches, sponsors, officials or the owners, staff or operators of any recreational facilities used by (Anzai! Inc.).
• I agree to indemnify and hold harmless (Anzai! Inc.) and those individuals and organizations set out in the preceding paragraph from any claims for loss, damage, injury or expense associated with my participation in activities and events sponsored or sanctioned by (Anzai! Inc.).
• I agree this document is binding upon me, my personal representatives, heirs and assigns.

• I understand that there will be no refund, swimmer substitution, or credit arrangements allowances.

I declare I am 18 years of age or older and I have read and understood the terms of this waiver INCLUDING the no refund, swimmer substitution, or credit arrangements for future sessions.

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